What’s in my bag? // January

It’s pretty grey and cold outside, the wind blows frosty in your face. Your hands get try and your immune system has to work even more now. But how do you steel yourself for this ice cold weather? Today I want to share with you my stuff which is in my bag at the time:

1. For soft hands: hand butter from P2 // 2. Free your nipple nose: hankies with aloe vera // 3. If you have bad hair day: careful scrunchy // 4. (Almost) always attentive: mobile phone // 5. To smell special and good:  Parfum – a Must Have! // 6. „Money on my mind!“ – purse – similiar one here  // 7. „I wear my sunglasses tonight“ – Ray Ban – here the low cost alternative // 8. Keep in Touch – Business Cards // 9. smells amazing – hand lotion // 10. To get off your headaches – pills // 11. Helpf for your cold and huskiness – WICK Cough sweets – get it favouralbe at Europa Apotheek

With the friendly assistance of Europa Aptheek! 🙂 

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