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Perhaps you noticed that I’ve moved to Berlin at the begining of January. Well, now I can decorate my new home with some fresh stuff. But I don’t want to talk about my new flat today, no. Instead I want to give you some great inspiration for your own home! I made a collage with some beautiful pieces of furniture that I really like at the moment. Now at the end of January I really looking forward spring, no matter if it’s just in a few months, huh! I can’t wait if all the flowers bloom outside! Why don’t we create a colourful and harmonic place at home?

When I think about the season spring I have all these beautiful colors, because of that you can see my color circle with blue, pink, green and yellow stuff. Die great beding from WITT Weiden is perfect with the lovely artificial flowers from Otto. The beautiful flowers are called hydrangea if you ask yourself, hehe.  The green and endless cool mural from Evrgree is so edgy, don’t you think?

Well, what are your plans in the matter of your new bedroom decoration?

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1. Bedding // 2. pillow slip // 3. Box // 4. lusters // 5. mirror // 6. carpet // 7. artificial flowes // 8. vase // 9. pillow // 10. blanket // 11. globe // 12. mural // 13. tealight // 14. chair // 15. blanket // 16. dresser // 17. vase // 18. vase // 19. image // 20. lamp // 21. tealight // 22. palm ( Photo Credits: WITT Weiden, Ikea, Otto, Dehner, Home24, XXL, Bon Prix, H&M, Zara, Evrgreen )






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