Boho Kleid & Boots


I’m back. I’m back with a new outfit. This outfit is one of my current fave ones. The colors
here are very cool, very contrasty and just beautiful together! This golden amulet is my best
one. Well, I just love golden stuff. It looks very mystery and costly. 

I always thought that blue eyeshadow in combination with red lipstick looks trashy. But 
now I think it looks fantastic! You just have to know how you match these two things beautiful
together. For the pattern of this dress it’s really compatible, don’t you think so? 🙂 When my 
boy and I were on our way to a great location all people gazed me like I would come from another
planet! You can’t image, really, it was too funny! I mean guys?! Why are you doing this? 
Is it because you don’t run free? Are you to shy for „another“ look? Don’t you want to attract 
attention? Are you a plain Jane? I can’t understand. Perhaps you are just a pikeman. Oh
so many people here in Freiburg are a so stuffy. Every time when some guys gape me from top to
button I actually want to free my boobs! Well, anyway you would have a reason to look a proper
charlie! I get more and more the feeling that I don’t belong here. Poor, boring Freiburg. I think
Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt is calling me in a few years! 

I talked about boobs…well this bra is awesome! It’s so cushy and if you wear it, you think
you are bra-less! If you are lovingly I will show it you someday! 😉 Sounds crazy but it’s the
way it is! (And again borrowing from „Die Sendung mit der Maus“)

My hair looks so curly on the pics. And you know what? The curls are 100% naturally! I just
wash my hair and don’t comb they after the shower and tatata they are „curly wurly“! 

How do like my current fashion favourite? 🙂 Let me know babes! 🙂 XX, Christina Key

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