Casual Chic // Edgy Fashion Look

Today you get just "only" an outfit from me. In my last posts, I wrote also about some serious topics like, "Am I too fat" or "At which point are you a slut". This post today is for all babes who don't like to read much. I have noticed that most of you likes my posts with serious topics more than just beautiful outfit posts. For that reason I want to link about 2/3 of my outfit posts with serious topics. And not just because most of you like it better, no – I have so many ideas and topics in my mind that I really want to speak out and hear YOUR opinion. The last time I always get some commentars with just two or three simple words and right below the self-promotion of some bloggers, this really gets on my nerves. I mean, it's pretty okay if you don't have to say much about my posts but for me it's so bad that you don't value my work. I think it would be better sometimes of somebody says bloody nothing than just sentences like "follow for follow?" or "visit my blog HERE". Sometimes I just want to delete comments like this, yeah. It's a little bit funny that everytime the same bloggers write comments like these on my blog. Well, pretty fat dislike from me!

Aww, I think you notice that I like talking about more than just pretty fashion looks. :") Well, let's finally talk about my today's look: I'm wearing my current favourite jeans, a sweet orange blouse and a hat. This pretty cool black blazer that I'm wearing melt my heart! It's so perfect with his 80ies vibe! You can wear such a casual look and if you add this pretty black blazer you will look super edgy! So now tell me guys, how do you like my look? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY

Christina Key is wearing a retro blouse and a black hat

Christina Key is wearing a jeans and a chic black blazer in Freiburg

Fashion Blogger Christina Key shows a edgy fashion look with a black hat

Long, blonde, curly hair and a black hat

Christina Key is wearing a boyfriend jeans, a blouse and a retro blazer in black

Influencer Girl Christina Key is wearing a chic outfit with an orange blouse with retro pattern

Portrait of fashion blogger girl Chrstina Key. She is wearing curly, wavy blonde hair

A perfect mom jeans fashion look with a blazer and a hat

Christina Key is wearing a blue mom jeans and a chic shirt

Christina Key is wearing a black hat, blonde, long hair and a cool jeans

Christina Key is wearing a orange shirt and a black blazer

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