Chic Rocking Look // How photography changed me Part 1

From the shy girl to the strong woman


At the present days I'm very confident and sociable but that has not always been the case. In former days, I was rather the little, shy girl, who answered with sentences like "I don't care", "I don't know" or a diffident smile. To be sure I was often the focus of attention at school events, because I had the title "best and coolest dance girl" from the whole school. Well, I only were confident at the "big" stage. When I finished my dance performance I just was the little shy girl again. Only the folks, who knows me a bit better know this "dancing" story. You know, I've loved it and I still love it! It's an amazing feeling hearing the music in your heart and I just have to dance when I hear good music. I always say that dancing has something magical which words can't describe. So, back to my coyness of the past. When boys got to become interesting more and more my shyness went away but just a little bit. Until some years before I wasn't shy like hell but talk to strangers was absolutly difficult for me. The thing which helped me to lose all my inhibitions for ever, was my job as a photographer in clubs. It was a cold evening in wintery Freiburg, when my boyfriend – who was already a photographer for clubs – take me with him "just to watch" his work. Well, at least I thought so. Instead of just "watching" how he work, he wanted that I take the photos of the folks. "Whaaaaaat?!" was my thought. I felt very unable to go up to people. To be honest, I was really scared about. I was out of place. Well, I didn't want to show this shy side of me so I bite the dust and took a few photos. After a few shoots I really had fun! Who thought that? I think sometimes you need to be thrown in at the deep end to develop. This experience pushed me a big step forward! Today I'm really happy about that evening. I can tell you photography changed me in a lot of ways. I became more confident, more open and especially my ideal of beauty changed a lot! I'm going to write part 2 of this topic "how photography changed me" very soon. It's very important for me to talk about that. 

Well, let's talk about my outfit. You can see that I'm wearing a casual and used jeans today and also a cool sweater with an orange lettering. I really like the contrast between the orange and the light blue here! To capture the orange color again, I added orange lipstick. I love this color! It's seems to be perfect to my green eyes! 🙂 To add a dose of coolness, I'm also wearing this cool black leather jacket that you all know already from THAT fashion look. Almost every time I need some glamour stuff in my look, so what would be better than this beautiful necklace! I like it a lot, because the small stones look like diamonds to me. Now it's your turn! 🙂

Christina Key is wearing a blue jeans in used look and a black leather jacket with fake fur

Christina Key is wearing bleach blonde hair and dramatic make up

Christina Key is wearing a sweatshirt with a colorful logo and a momjeans

Influencer and fashion blogger Christina Key is wearing a silver necklace and a cool jeans

Christina Key with bleach blonde, long hair and orange lipstick and black eyeshadow

Christina Key is wearing a perfect outfit for fall with a light blue jeans and a leather jacket

Christina Key with light blonde hair

Christina Key is wearing a sexy jeans, a black leather jacket and a little black bag

Christina Key is wearing striking make up and a snake ring

Christina Key is wearing a black Ray Ban sunglasses and a fake leather jacket

Christina Key is wearing a perfect autumn fashion look with a light blue jeans

Christina Key is wearing bleach blonde hair and a black leather jacket with fake fur


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