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Fake Leather Skirt In Hamburg // Honking Hamburger


Christina Key is wearing a green retro blouse and a velvet jacket in black

Noble Meets Sexy

Happy Friday babes! Today it's my second Fashion Friday! Means that I have a brand new look for you. 🙂 My bae and I shoot this look in Hamburg, I was very happy that the weather was pretty fine! Well, at least at this day. I love especially the great blazer here. It's very chic and velvety. At the time these clothes with pinstripes are very "en vogue". It reminds me at all those cool babes from London, which rock the streets with their shorts and black creepers. Have I to say more? 🙂 ♥  I've found this beauty at a fleamarket store in Freiburg, I've just paid sweet 3 Euros! Great, isn't it? After a couple of weeks I've read that clothes with pinestripes are very "hipp". Am I about faster than the fashion police allow?  :") 
Just kidding. The khaki blouse suits perfect to the fake leather skirt, isn't it? It's also from a fleamarket store and it's original from the 90ies. Who fluster now about my ladder in this tights, keep it cool guys! We buy "used" jeans and more anyway! 🙂 I do like it, so I will wear it! 🙂 

Whats the difference between Berlin and Hamburg for me?
Well, when we took this photographs in Hamburg, every third man honked and screamed like a little kid. I'm asking myself, why do they this funny thing? Do they want to offer that they see the photo-session from their car? Do they want to show that they haven't never ever seen a photo-shooting live before? Or do they want to be the cock of the roost which isn't even existing? I'm honest guys, the same situation was last in the dump Buchenbach (A small, stuffy village near
Freiburg where you should never wear a leggins). Anyway I think such a manner from these male individuals is really abysmal and sometimes I'm wondering about what they would do, if I would take off my blouse and show them my boobs : alleged fainting? 
(:"D) Believe me, sometimes I flirt with this crazy idea, just because I think it would be endless funny to see their faces! Should I do it the next time? At best best with some badges on my nipples with the words: "Hi, I can see you!". Their faces, priceless! 😀 I don't know if we had just some bad days or if the guys from Hamburg really gaze a little bit more. Well, let's have a look to Berlin: We shoot very different and a lot of looks here already but the folks have never ever (!) gazed like aliens! I don't know but the people are here a little bit more cooler and more open. It's true, if you walk arround in Berlin, wearing what you want and nobody looks at you like you are a freak (at least mostly). That's why I love this town so much! 🙂 ♥ 

How do you guys like this look? XX, CHRISTINA KEY


Christina Key is wearing red hair and a black velvet jacket with a mini skirt in green

khaki blouse and minimalistic jewellery

Influencer and fashion blogger Christina Key is wearing a sexy mini skirt and a blouse in green

Photographer Christina Key from Berlin is wearing a chic autumn fashion look in the streets of Hamburg

Black wedges

Christina Key is wearing a black ray ban sunglasses and a chic retro blouse

A sexy outfit to go out or for the first date with a leather mini skirt in green

Deatils of Christina Key's edgy fashion look with a leather skirt

The black chic dress is a great contrast with the green blouse


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