Hey guys! I’m back with a new look! It’s all about the 70ies! I love the fashion from this decade!
All the warm tones, the casual cuts and especially the high waist pants! 

Do you remember my earrings? I’ve wore them in THIS outfit too! I really like them! 

When I was a little child, we had those sweet thimbles in our garden! I was so riveted by them!
I can still remember that clearly today. If I think about this time I get wanderlust into the past.
Sounds crazy but this is the way it is. (German readers: “Klingt komisch, ist aber so” = Sendung
mit der Maus, haha 😀 😀 ) Well, my childhood was very cool. I’ve had an own little garden
where I could grow own flowers. Since today I can not live in a flat without any plants. For me
a home without plants is a dead home. The whole ambience is too inanimate. You understand?

Enough talk about everything else instead of my outfit! (laugh) Today I’m wearing a great, brown
waist-high pants. The cut is perfect and I adore this color in combination with something orange!
Extra with this sweet retro blouse that I’ve got some weeks ago.  

To add I little extra eyecatcher I’ve used pink lipstick! Perfect for summer, isn’t it? The place
where my little bee and I took these pictures is superb! It looks a little bit like another world.
A world which is full of piece, full of love, yes I would say a world without any bad things. That
cannot be described easily. I just get this special feeling when I’m there always! I think you should
go someday there, maybe you can feel what I try to describe…

So babes! Now it’s your turn! Let me know what you think about this little retro look! 🙂
Oh and enjoy your weekend! The weather is mercifully perfect here in Freiburg! XX, Christina Key