Hey babes! At first you get a cute smile! 🙂 Well, last week was one of the stressful ever! I’m
really done! Because it’s so hot here in Freiburg, I get almost no sleep at night. Last night I just had
4 hours full of sleep. For me, this is nothing! Actually I need at least 7 hours of sleep. If I not get 
this time to reclaim, I’m very narky, really! (laughing) I get really iffy and I like nobody and nothing.
At this point I have to say sorry to my honey bee for beeing a little bit bitchy sometimes. Hmm, I just
need a big cup of restful sleep and at best a very big bar of chocolate! Yeah, these two things are
superb! Well, the reason why the last week was so busy is that I’m bursting with creativity for now!
This feeling is magical and I have endless ideas in all ways! In my head are beautiful boho photo-
shootings, some sexy sporty ones, mystical ones with great clothes and many more! Hey, if you 
want to check out my photography work, check out my FACEBOOK PAGE ! You can find very 
many pictures where I’m behind the camera! I love it very much and should I tell you something?
The key to success is: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!”
Well, that’s my motto. I belive that every one is particulary good in something special. I’ve found
my passion, it’s photography. What I want to give you for your personal journey of life is that you
don’t have to get crazy if sometimes things doesn’t work like you wish it would. Don’t stress yourself!
Perhaps you have a run of bad luck at the moment or you need a little pause to recharge engery or
you haven’t found the thing you really love the most. Keep it cool, everything is going to be good, 
believe me, I had a lot of bad times but I have nerver given up! Given up is the thing for loosers and
you aren’t one, so take yourself an icecold smoothie (my personal favourite drink this time!) or another
drink and just take the time to chill out. It will work out all right, believe me! Are you still here? Fine, 
then it’s time to tell you something about my outfit and this amazing and very beautiful location! Do 
you know Venice? I’m sure you do! 😉 Well, I was in Venice some years ago and I really have to say
that this part of Italy is one of the most beautifully! As you know, my favourite country is Italy! When
I was a child we visited pretty Italy almost every year. Seems that these photographs here are took 
in Venice, right? Hmm, if you thought this, I have to tell you sadly that you are bloody wrong! This
sweet location is in Germany! In the south of Germany. 😉 Do you already know in which town?
No? So, the answer is it’s Freiburg! My hometown. 🙂 I love this part of Freiburg very much, it
looks so romantic and just like the beautiful Venice! If you ever going to visit Freiburg, check out
this part. It’s called “Fischerau”. I’m very sure you will love this part like I do! My fashionistas want
to know what I’m wearing here for sure. This beautiful white shirt is from H&M and it could also be
a very short dress I think. I love the frisky part on the cutout. This edgy, blue pants is from Ernstings
Family. They send me a big package and this is one of the items. I really like this color! Actually a
little bit untypical for my “normal” style but I like it. What about you? 🙂 


See you soon guys! Love, Christina Key from CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG 🙂