Hey dear babes! How are you? I hope you are fine. 🙂 Well, today I have another fashion post
for you. I don’t know why but at the time I really like blue and red together. I think you already
have seen my latest post “American Girl”. If not, go and check it out! 🙂 This outfit is one of 
my favourite ones, because it’s sexy, edgy and very comfortable. The hot pants is so great
and I haven’t wore it for 2 years! What a shame! I mean it’s so beautiful and cool! You consider
what or who were my inspiration for these pictures? The good, old Lana Del Rey! I have to admit
that I just love her songs and her style since the first time I saw her on TV! She is so unique, so
different than everybody else and last but no least so damn beautiful! I’m a big fan of her and you?

I’m a summer kid! I love the heat in summer, how the sun kisses my skin, the light (oh yes, 
perfect for beautiful photoshootings!) and just the whole mood in summer. Everybody feels
better (Isn’t it?), the people have more motivation for everything, (think about how full the fitness
center is in April/May!) and everybody seems to be very friendly. Okay, the most of the people
in the tramway seems to be very stressed, I can’t explain why they are so unkind most of the
time in summer! Perhaps they have a sunstroke? I don’t know…

This white top is very old. I remember it clearly that I’ve bought it some years ago at a H&M store.
For a little extra vibe, I’ve chopped it a little bit. The lace part in front of it, is pretty beautiful in my
opinion. Without it this white shirt would be very boring. Just another white, boring shirt. However
the lace part kills it! It gives the whole shirt a chic and edgy touch! That this white top is a little bit
sheer, is amazing! I love how the bra is implied! 

I think about a little photography blog on this website here. I would love to show you a little
bit more photos that I’ve took. What do you think? Are you interested? 🙂 Please let me know
dear readers. And oh, please share your opinion about this fashion look, please! XX, Christina Key