Hello everybody! Over-sized is the new boyfriend look! I’ve got this edgy blazer some weeks
ago at my favourite flea market here in Freiburg. 🙂 The color and the pattern is so beautiful!
Don’t you think? Well, this outfit is a typical “Christina Key Fashion Look”! I love it to wear
old school stuff like this! In my opinion clothes from the past are very cosy, expensive and 
kinda of mystic! They have a story to tell and when you wear it, the feeling is something
special. Is not just a piece of 1000 clothes from the store, which 2345 other people wear also.
I don’t know how I can explain perfect, hmm do you know what I mean? :3

Perhaps you are wondering why some pictures are very blurry here in this post. The answer
is I am in love with retro clothes so I am with retro looks on pictures too! I’ve used an old
lens for those photographs but better said the photographer did! 🙂 hehe. Do you like this old
vintage look on pictures too? Let me know and write your opinion in the comment form bellow.

Claudia Schiffer look a like! I always hear that I look a little bit like her! Well, I think this is 
crazy! What do you say? Yes or no? (Even a photographer told me this, when I was sweet
14 years old. I did an internship at him. Oh, how great it was! 🙂 )

I’m wearing one of my favourite lipstick colors here! I love this berry thing about it! 🙂 

Big mama says hello! 😀 haha this picture was truly an snapshot! Sometimes I’m a little bit
stressed while my boy and I take pictures. Sometimes he says how I should look. His favourite
sentence is something like “Oh honey, smile now”! I have to say that I don’t like my smile very
often so this is one sentence which is going on my nerves! Hell, yes! When he said this sentence
again at this photo-session I showed a smile, a very funny smile how I think! 😀

This is not a sad pictures guys. This is something like “thinking about the world, far away or
whatever”! 😀 It’s funny that a lot of people think somehow is sad just when he doesn’t smile.
What do you think about this weird thing? 🙂 XX, Christina Key