Shades of cool by the one and only Lana del Rey. I love her and I love that song. Her
voice, her whole look and her videos are inspiration pure! Don’t you think? Anyway, this
fashion look is the most casual one on this blog! I adore this brown, beautiful, long skirt
a lot. It looks old school just like the beauty Lana. Hmm I try to find another topic but the
good girl is still in my head, crazy! Have I got a girl crush? Yeah, maybe. Well, she is just
flawless and in many ways a great inspiration for me. She affected me in my fashion look,
my make up, perhaps my whole life style. Every time when I see one of her superb music videos
or listen to her great songs and most of all hear her voice I get new ideas for photoshootings,
new views, I just have the feeling that I get more evolve even when this sounds mad, I know!

Back to the outfit: I have already told you that I love this brown skirt, yes. But I haven’t 
told you that this white shirt is also lovely! The black collar gives the very simple shirt
an cool touch. And hell, it fits perfectly to the black part on the skirt! Usually I love
high-waisted stuff, no matter if they are pants, skirts or what ever. Oh yeah, high-waisted
underwear is very pretty too! It looks like the fashion from the 60ies! I love the past in
terms of fashion! This look that I’m wearing here is a little bit inspired by the good, old
90ies. I was born 1994 so I was very young, when my siblings wore the fashion of that
decade but wait! This means not that I don’t know something about how the fashion looked
in the great 90ies! I have so many pictures with my siblings wearing the old school fashion
with a damn cool attitude! 🙂 I have to show you someday, but just if you are nice to me! 🙂

When my boy and I took these pictures, suddenly came this sweet kitten. Have I already
told you that I LOVE animals? Well, as long as they are not snakes or spiders! I hate
these two types very much! I’m so, so scared of them, especially snakes! I always get
goosebumps when I see on in TV or where ever. Okay, back to beautiful things. This
kitten for example! 🙂 If I have enough money I will buy myself two little “slow loris”. If you can’t
imagine what I’m talking about, do me the favour and google these two words! I’m sure
you will get an sugar rush like I get every time I see one of the most cutest animals on
earth! 🙂 So enough jabber for today. Now just enjoy the pictures and tell me what you
think about this look, please! Good night, sleep tight! XX, Christina Key