My Beauty Routine In Winter

I prefer doing it in winter. It feels much better in that season. So intense! Whenever
I do it with an extra portion of time, I’m feeling much better! You should try it! If you like
it as much as I do, you should do it more often! I think you will just love it! 😉 You should
take time for you and your body! No, not the way like you think now! :“D Hehe. Dear,
you should take some time and get spoiled! Okay, okay, I realise it’s really hard to get
out of such a number! (Long live the ambiguous, hehe!)

The actually message of today’s post is: „Give me the winter care!“ To all folks who wanted
to read something dirty: I have to disappoint you, I’m sorry. The post today is really not about
kiss and tell story, no. It’s about my personal „winter secrets“ 🙂 So, let’s go! 🙂

In winter the hair is tending to be very dry and brittle. Especially the hair in the neck is very knotted
because the big scarf and jacket rubs against it everytime you wear it. So the best thing is to put
a little bit of hair oil on it before you start to crew out. It’s even better if you use the liquied gold, as
I like to say, right after you washed it! 🙂 You also get a beautiful glow in your hair! So let’s shine
bright like a diamond, Rihanna would say 🙂

Is not just your hair, who has to fight against this could season. Also your skin is getting much
dryer. To prepare your skin for a extra portion moisture, you should clear your skin from old
scurf. You don’t need a peeling with plastic particlesn no! It’s very silly that so many products
have them in! Well, just create your own, healthy and very simple peeling with ground coffee
and olive oil! 🙂 If you don’t have ground coffee, don’t worry. You can also use sugar. 🙂

So, if your skin is peeled you can jump into the next step: Give me the bodylotion! At best you
dab on your lotion in circle motion and massage in gently. Did you know that you can mix your
bodylotion with your favourite perfume? Just mix in a few drops of your perfume and let the
smell begin! I’ve used Nivea Soft and an awesome fragrance of roses, hell it’s so good! ♥

For a very intense and rich face mask you just need one ingredient: avocado. The next time
you cook a meal with this delicoius fruit just put aside a small piece of it. Mash it and used
the pulp directly on your cleansed face. After about 10 – 15 minutes reaction time you can
take off the mask. Did you know that avocado is rich in vitamin c and valuable fats? So, they
are not only great for your skin, also for your body! 🙂

Right after the selfmade face mask, I like to use some soft cream for very dry parts of my face.

Last but no least I need some summer vibes. I’m just loving florid fragrances! Especially in
the cold and almost always grey season. They reminds me of beautiful moments from summer
and I’m start to looking forward coming spring very much! 🙂 After such a relaxing beauty routine
the best thing is to create a movie night with your love and of course with selfmade popcorn
(rich at roughage and antioxidants!) so crap it! 🙂

What are your beauty winter „secrets“ guys? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY ♥

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