My summer beauty routine in summer

Selfmade Beauty Products , diy


Great beauty products from your kitchen! 

You don't need to buy effectly beauty products in the chemist's shop. You can make very often great products at home by yourself. They are cheaper and healthier as well, because they don't need chemistry. I've told already HERE how you can create a diy face peeling at home without plastic pearls. You can use sugar, salt or ground coffee instead. In my today's post I want to convince you that from diy beauty prodcuts. The big point for me is that selfmade beauty products are healthier as I already told you and better for the environment because they don't need any kind of extravagant boxing. Another great advantage from selfmade prodcuts is that they work as a present for your best friend, boy- or girlfriend as well and for any kind of lovely person in your life. Aren't selfmade presents more personal and therefore more valuable? Yes, that's what I said. 🙂 Well, now I want to share with you some of my "top secrets" when it comes to beauty! Let's go! ♥ 

sleeping mask on fashion blogger girl christina key


almond oil


The golden oil 

Almond-, olive-, walnutt- and coconut oil are pretty healthy and you can use them as the ideal cosmetics! After a peeling, when I have a little bit sunburn or right after the shower I love using almond- and coconut oil in summer. Both oils smell amazing and summery and make a beautiful complexion. I mean come on, aren't glinting legs very sexy? :") You can the oils not only for your skin but also for your hair! As you see you have with one product from your kitchen two beauty products, great, isn't? When you want to use the oil for your hair be careful. If you use too much your hair looks greasy so better you use just a little bit. Especially when you use coconut or rose oil you have an amazing fragrance in your hair – nobody can resist! So if you have your next date you know what to do! 😉  

oil for your skin

oil for your hair

a yellow lemon


The power of lemon

Lemons suit perfectly for blemished skin because the juice of the yellow power fruit function anti-bacterial. Dilute with some water it can help you to come in grips with your skin. Just mix one tablespoon lemon juice with two tablespoons water and dab this blend with a cotton pad on the effected spots. 🙂  You can use lemons also for hardened positions on your skin or for scars. The juice helps you to get soft skin and can brighten up scars. If you have discoloured nails you can use lemon juice also to brighten up. Just mix some oil and lemon juice and massage in. The results are stronger, beautiful and brighter nails. If you love eating lemons like I – I'm not joking – the fruit acid of them can also brighten up your teeth. But don't eat them too much, please! The acid is very pushy and your teeth and fruit acid aren't best friends you know. 🙂

lemon for soft skin

selfmade coconut body peeling


Selfmade coconut bodyscrub

Especially in summer I'm using at least once a week my selfmade coconut bodyscrub. I've just mixed coconut oil with some sugar. Because the sugar doesn't resolve itself in the oil you can create yourself a pretty good body peeling for few money. It tastes also very well, I mean perhaps it will go in your mouth. :") You can use this bodyscrub for your skin and the whole body. When you want softer lips just use your toothbrush and add some peeling on it. Massage this delicious smeeling peeling in and when you are done eat it. I sweat it tastes amazing and reminds on Raffaello! So good! ♥


diy peeling

portrait christina key and sleeping mask in pink


The good, old sleep! 

Actually we all know it already but in stressfull days we forget it very easy: enough sleep is pretty important for our brain and for our whole body. But also for our metabolism and bodyweight more relaxing sleep is essential. The one who don't find enough and good sleep risks overbalance. If you had a great sleep you look not only better but also feel better as well. But principally you should try to get enough sleep because it's pretty important for a good and positive mood. It's also very important for your immune system and your heart health. Have you already known that for example a high blood pressure is the result of a bad and too short sleep? Well, just think about what's really important and good for you. Do you want to surf the web tonight for hours or take the time and sleep for your health? 🙂  

sensual portrait of christina key


Believe in yourself and know your strong points!

A positiv and confident aura will sex you up! Well, if you are a shy person – like I was once too (article HERE ) – you don't have as much confident as another who know his strong points and isn't afraid of strangers. But you know, this is a point which you can work on. Someone which steps in the room full of elegance and pride looks more attractive than someone with a bandy back and eyes full of fear. You need a tipp for more aplomb? The next time you go out with your friends or for a shopping trip wear a striking colour of lipstick and nailpolish! You will notice that more people will look on you. If you want to push this challenge wear also a noticable jacket or high heels. You will assess that it feels good to get admired glances or even compliments! 🙂 


make up look, red lips and golden eyeshadow, red curly hair

beautiful portrait of christina key from berlin


Well, what are your personal beauty secrets? 🙂  XX, Christina Key 






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