The taste of Summer!

The Summer is coming. – The taste of summer is strawberries and coconut for me. We will make a dessert with Raffaellos. Also we will use yoghurt to reduce the sweetness a little bit. On top we will serve the light cream with strawberries in homemade chocolate bowl! If fond the Idea at the website “Bosch MaxxiMUM Küchenmaschine” and I tried it on same day. I thought it will be complicated, but it’s really easy to make the chocolate bowl. 🙂 For the cream I did use a recipe at “Chefkoch” but I changed the recipe a little bit.


(4 Portions)
300 G Dark Chocolate
250 G Strawberries
60 G Sugar
150 G Raffaellos
300 G Yoghurt
300 G Whipped cream
A few coconut flakes

you need also:
4 little balloons (for example: water balloons)
Backing paper
adhesive tape needle

Recipe (Chocolate bowl)

1)Close the inflated balloons
2) Melt the chocolate over a water bath
3) Immersed half the balloons in the chocolate
4) Put the balloons with chocolate on backing paper till the chocolate gets hard.
5) Than put the adhesive tape on the balloons and pierce the balloons at the tape. The air will leave the balloon slowly.
6) Put the chocolate bowls in refrigerator.



Recipe (the Dessert)

1) Purre the yoghurt with sugar and 100 G Raffaellos.
2) Whip the cream until stiff and mix with the raffaello-yoghurt-cream
3) Quarter the strawberries
4) Take 4 Strawberries beside for the decoration at the end and half the rest carefully
5) Put a little bit of the crème in the chocolate bowls, than the halved Raffaellos, a few strawberries and after this the rest of the cream
6) At the end add on top strawberries coconut flakes and the for Raffaellos
7) Put the desserts in refrigerator till the serving.


Tip: Get some more strawberries. You can use the rest of melted chocolate and coconut flakes to make coconut chocolate strawberries. Do you like the homemade chocolate bowls?