SCHLEMMER SONNTAG // Superfood Salad

Bunter Salat

Superfood lettuce

I read the last time a lot about superfoods. About the pro and contras, sales pitch “superfood” and the regional superfood. I have thought about eating behaviour a lot this week. I recognized that people buy a lot more meat than healthy vegetables. And instead of eating the regional vegetables and fruits the buy superfood from South America. Witch are as healthy as our regional food. I will do some more research on that topic and it will be a post for INSPIRATION THUESDAY. Finally, I will inspire you to eat more salad. Not only because it is healthy. It’s also tasty and you have so many possibilities to vary your Salad. Today I will show you my three favourites salad dressing: Honey-Mustard, Yoghurt and Vinaigrette (French) dressing


Bunter Salat Bunter Salat Bunter Salat Bunter Salat Bunter Salat Bunter Salat

Bunter Salat

Wich one is your favourite? Let me know






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