SCHLEMMER SUNDAY // How to create healthy salad

Bunter Salatteller mit Früchten

Lettuce is not always healthy!

Sometimes lettuce have more calories than other food. This is often because they mix sugar in the dressing. You will find the “sugar dressing” in convenience products but also often in restaurants they use sugar for the dressing. And a healthy lettuce gets so much calories as a burger.

To make a really healthy lettuce I got 8 tips for you:

  1. Fresh salad is healthier!
    Buy only fresh products! The salad loss more vitamins and other nutrients the older the salad gets. It’s the best if you eat the salad on same day as you buy them. The same holds true for other vegetables!


  2. Mix different sorts of lettuce!
    Mix different seasonal lettuce. You will get the benefits of the different lettuce. Lamb's lettuce contains the highest content of iron and beta-carotene. Chicorée and other salads with bittering’s peps up the metabolism.


  3. More nutrients with Vegetables!
    If you add only one tomato the calcium and vitamin c increased more than 100%. This holds true for other raw vegetables like peppers and carrots. Also mushrooms, cucumbers, kohlrabi and zucchini are a tasty and healthy supplement.


rohe Karotten naturbelassen

  1. Beware of dressing.
    Convenience (also in restaurants) dressing contains a lot of sugar, fats and a lot of chemical E-Numbers. The best thing is to make your one dressing. You can simply add 3 tbsp of tasty oil for example: walnut-, olive- or rapeseed oil. 1 tbsp balsamic or any other vinegar and 1/2 tbsp honey. Now we just have to add salt and pepper and we’ve got a tasty and healthy dressing.


  2. Spicy rungs.
    They are look good on the salad, make the salad spicier and they have a lot of essential oils, protein and minerals.


  3. Crispy seeds.
    Seeds make every salad tastier. They also contain vegetable fats, more vitamins, magnesium and support the immune system with zinc. I do prefer walnuts because of the Omega-3. This supports our heart and brain.



  1. Hematopoietic herbs
    Herbs like parsley or chive brings a lot of hematopoietic iron, vitamin C, chlorophyll and folic acid.


  2. Salad as main meal.
    If I eat salad as main meal I like to some cheese or eggs. I’d prefer mozzarella. This will make you full and bring a lot of protein for muscles.


Erdbeere mit schwarzer Brombeeren auf Salat

What do you need on your salad?

Nico Treeman


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