Hello from rainy Freiburg! :/ Today was another stressful day this week. A very stressful
but also nice week! Many of you know that I have 8 weeks for my beloved photography now!
Isn’t this awesome? I think so! I have to admit that these 8 weeks are not there to chill out
and calm down. I want to do a lot in the next eight weeks, for example I have planned a
few pretty cool photo-shootings! 🙂 This is the thing that I like the most! My honey bee and I
do also a lot of beauty- and fashion posts for this blog here. Because many of you asked me
already who is the man behind the camera; I’m going to reveal this secret soon! You even
get some pics of him! Stay tuned! 😉 For this fashion look which is a little bit breathed on dark
I’ve used a lot of mascara, eyeliner and kajal! Last but not leas I’m wearing one of my favourite
lipstick colors ever (!) again. If you like this color too, you should definite check out THIS beauty post! 

Everybody know that I’m just in love with lace! It’s absolute no secret! I prefer BLACK
but I also love RED ! Do you love lace dresses too? 

Well you wondering what I’m doing here? Hehe the answer is when we did this fashion
look in the old city Freiburg some street musician played classical music! As I already 
told you in THIS post that music is a big part in my life. I listen to music as good as 
always! When I wake up, when I’m in the tramp, when I walk, just always! So the truth is
that this classical music got me! I felt the vibes in my body, the highs and downs, the
rhythm captained my body! Sounds crazy but that’s the way it is. (German readers under-
stand this joke? Sendung mit der Maus!) Actually it’s pretty hard for me to start laughing
at the touch of the botton but when I hear music everything is easier. Easier and better!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know what you think about the dress, the pictures, my rare
smile, the make up look, I want to know just everything! 🙂 If you want to know which
classical song the street musicians played I have to fail you. :/ Love, Christina Key