“You think that the guy over there is sweet? So go and talk to him!” “Hm, I don’t know, 
I mean what should I do, if he thinks that I’m not cool?” “Hey, you have nothing left to loose,
so come on!” “Well, I think no.” – Conversations like these were really often in my early years.
I was ‘the shy girl’. Already in THIS post I told you how I lost my coyness with photography.

It was a very long and also hard way – including some awkward affairs. But now I’m just very
happy that this chapter in my life is history now. On the ond hand this terrible shyness makes
you a little bit stronger – especially when you often get teased and because of that you don’t 
open your mouth. You just endure such situations. When I was a little kid, I was often picked
on and teased in school, because I couldn’t make out the difference between the “S” and the
“Sh”. So I was the jolly person for my schoolmates and the sweet daughter for my parents. At
this time I was so sad about that and so I skip the school sometimes. I didn’t want to be the
girl with the speech defect again. I was fed up with that. Especially kids can be so nasty I 
think! Well, after thousands of visits at a speech therapy I finally could talk pretty normal!

Anyway if you are shy, you miss a lot of great opportunities! That’s really a big reason to shake
off all your coyness. If you are shy, you are not only the misfit in your childhood, also in your
teenage. While your friend catches this sweet boy, that you wanted actually but you had not
the courage to talk to him, you are just standing in the corner and watch them. You should
be in the middle dear! Really not cool, hmm? Also if you are grown-up (if we are that really)
coyness is not good for you. You can’t talk what’s on your mind, you are scared of the opinions
of the others. You are scared that they think something bad about you. You miss options to
speak what’s on your mind really. You miss it to meet new folks, perhaps with them you could
have much fun. But just could. Well, everyone has other ways to shake off their shyness (like
I do on the first photograph, hehe). In my case it was the photography and a push into the 
cold water. I think you must not think about too much what strangers think about you. That’s
the main reason why people are shy I think. They are just too scared about other opinions.

But hey! Should I tell you something? Hell, it fuc*ing doesn’t matter, what other think about you! 
It doens’t matter what they think about your hairstyle, about your style or about your boy, yes, it
doesn’t matter what they think about your new life partner! Everything that is important is that 
yourself feeling good! You have to like your clothes, your hair, your body, your lover! What the 
other think should not be important for you. That’s the way I’m thinking about all. If the people
look at me in the tramp like I’m an alien I think oh shit, I’ve just forgotten my autograph cards! :”D
If they are talking bullshit behind your back, doesn’t matter, because most of the time they are just
jealous or they aren’t in peace with theirselfes. And now folks, I want that you take a step forward
and talk to strangers the next time! It’s a pretty good feeling, kinda freedom! 🙂 

Now, let’s talk about my today’s fashion look. I’m wearing a cozy cardigan with fake leather 
bags on it. The funny thing is that my sister just bought the same one, but hey! We weren’t
shopping the same time! So funny. I’m also wearing a casual animal printed pants, one of my
favourite shirts from asos (actually for boys), comfy boots (including some pretty handy arch
supports (we want healthy feet, right?) and a fake leather bag! You can wear this cozy look in 
school, at work and of course while you are shopping, because it’s pretty cozy! How do you like
it guys? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY