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17. April 2015

Make Up Look with curly hair, red lipstick and golden eyeshadow by Influencer Christina KeyTropical Nights with red lips and golden eyeshadow 


Hey Babes! Today you get something tropical! A little make up inspiration which is perfectly for spring I think. I’ve used some eyeshadow in gold and orange. That lipstick is so damn hot! I like this color very much and yes I can say that’s my little favourite at the time. Golden jewellery, naked skind and red lipstick, is there anything better? I’m not sure! I LOVE it playing different roles. Sometimes the girl next door, the nerd and at another day I play sexy vamp! In my opinion a woman with different looks is very magical and hmmm just very inspiring! What do you think about my make up look? I hope you’ve  got some fresh ideas for your make up and hairstyle in spring!  🙂 XX, Christina Key


Colorful Make Up Look and Inspiration with red Lipstick and thick eyebrows

Portrait of fashion blogger & photographer girl Christina Key from Berlin


Sensual Portrait of fashionista Christina Key wearing curly, blonde hair and red lipstick



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