Hey babes! How are you? I hope fine, in spite of all this bad rain. 🙁 Well today you 
can have a look at my current favourite spring look! I’m wearing a lot of jeans, act-
ually only jeans! Okay, the shoes and the bag aren’t jeans. 🙂 I really like this outfit
because the color of the dress and that jacket looks great with my hair and skin. 
What do you think guys? 🙂 

Isn’t this just damn beautiful? I LOVE the flowers, the trees and the sun in spring!
If you read my last two posts, you know that I love spring and summer! Look HERE.

Actually this belt is just from another dress. But look how it dovetails nicely! 

Usually I love blue and brown together! This two colors are just perfect. The blue 
emanates a great calm, the brown stuff looks so warm, so sunny and just so pretty! 

When we made these picutres, it was 7 am! Hell this is so early on a Sunday! Oh
you can’t believe how cold the weater was on this day! But what did Freddie Mercury 
say? THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Haha 🙂

I love this beauty! Isn’t she perfect? Aren’t these fringes lovely? I think so. 🙂


Blue in combination with red (lipstick) is always a good choice, isn’t it? 🙂
See you soon. XX, Christina Key