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Boho Summer With Alica Chapter II

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Breathtaking beauty in front of my lens 

Today you finally get it: The second Photo Story from the endless beautiful woman Alica! ♥ I've took these photographs months ago but don't matter. I just get not enough from this photo session! For me she is one of the most beautiful women who I've seen!  Her facial feautures are amazing and it's no secret that you also like the photos with her. The last photo story with this beauty is one of the most clicked on this blog! You can see the last story HERE. Well, the last photographs were all very warm colored and summery. At this photographs I wanted to create a great simplicity, which I've got with the black and white look. I've also decided to built a high contrast. For me are black and white pictures clearer. They look very different compared with their colorful siblings. I think I'm going to create many more photo stories in black and white. Actually my images are always very warm and colorful, so black and white pictures would be a nice variety. 

This year I want to create many more photo stories! So, if you are interested, just write me an email. But please just if you have experience with modeling. Otherwise I don't want to work on the TFP Base – so means for free – I think you understand! 🙂 That's just my opinion.



Nun, wo seid ihr Fotografie Liebhaber? Kommt schon, raus damit, wie gefallen euch die Fotos? 🙂 Habt alle noch einen wunderschönen Tag und bleibt euch selbst treu! ♥ XX, CHRISTINA KEY



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