DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack

[I] The spring keeps waiting this year really very long. While it blows outside icily, it rules inside – in any case, with me – atmosphere of departure! Therefore, I would also like to show you today again a brilliant idea DIY which you will love absolutely. How you know, I am a true plant lover and own also around 50 copies. The today’s Ikea Hack comes up ideally for it in a few plants nicely in the scene to place.[/I]

[I]However, for the today’s project you do not need many materials and the costs keep themselves also very low. Those DIY ideas are to me the favourite ones! Also one has with the today’s creatively project again numerous creation possibilities. Above all this terrarium DIY is also suitable ideally as a home-made present. One can decorate instead of cacti or other plants, for example, also candles or artificial flowers in it. All the same for what one uses the pretty plants terrarium really, it is anyway always an eye-cacher! However, what does one need now, actually, for this great idea DIY? Now I will teill you. 🙂  [/I] 


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Required products for terrarium DIY picture frame Ikea Hack:

  • 4 picture frames
  • Hot Glue
  • Cactus
  • Acrylic varnish in gold
  • Paintbrush for applying

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Products

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack – How To Make:

[I]First we catch to us the picture frames and arrange this in such a way as they should stand together later. I have so arranged my picture frames that in each case on the left and on the right a picture frame overlap the other two. One can arrange the single picture frames also other. It is important only that one equalises the method on both sides, because the plants DIY terrarium, otherwise, properly aufeinanderpasst & does not become crooked. As soon as one has decided, one catches to himself the hot glue & sticks together in each case two picture frames at the side.[/I]DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Hot Glue

[I] It pays attention to the fact that you do not use too much hot glues, because this runs usually unsightly at the side from the terrarium. If the basic scaffolding stands & has stuck together substantially, we varnish it gold. I have decided on a glitter gold, because I like this especially well & the final result looks even nobler. As soon as the varnish has nicely dried, you can decorate your Th It Yourself terrarium already with different cacti or other plants! Then this can look in such a way, as on the photos below. [/I]

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Gold

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DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Example

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DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Cacti

[/column] [/row]

With a pretty cactus and a grey chamber pot the terrarium DIY is properly effective! It can be varnished in the most different colours & fits so ideally to every equipment.

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Velvet Couch

Especially nicely the terrarium looks if it is arranged with other Deko to elements like a bouquet or other plants. Our red velvet sofa fits in colour also perfectly like I find.

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DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Selfmade

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Idea

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Pic

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DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Interior

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Interior Idea

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack For Plants

[/column] [/row] [I]of course one can also put several cacti together in the plants to terrarium. Especially interesting it looks when one reaches to different variations. On the photos see her two different decorations. Once I have just arranged a group of cacti. With the other variation stands only single, a little bigger cactus in the terrarium DIY.[/I]

 How do you like my today’s diy idea „DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack“?

DIY Terrarium picture frame Ikea Hack Photography

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Diy Concrete Diamond


DIY concrete diamond idea


[I]Today I would like to introduce to you a damn nice and brilliant DIY. Since my concrete tree project – which came really with you – I am in the fever. In the concrete fever! One can create the nicest and most modern things with this building material. Also as gift ideas many are suited very well. So also the today’s one. Because I clarify dear not only to introduce practical projects, but also, today I show you an especially cool concrete Do It Yourself idea. The today’s concrete diamond idea DIY is immediately 2 things in one! One can use this nice piece as a jewellery filing – for example, for arm maturity – as well as for plants.[/I]
[I]Topically there is in the Interior area in general the trend towards simple objects, or pieces of furniture of concrete. Our today’s concrete diamond lies more than in the trend! By his geometrical form he brings a certain charm in the space. Also by the unusual material this concrete is a diamond a real eye-cacher and proves that concrete is able just more, than to form only streets. Combined with a trendy golden clay there originates an elegant Deko the element which is able to do still what![/I]
[I] Especially well I like the concrete diamond as a plant holder. Just with extremely looking tillandsias he looks absolutely noble! These plants should have discovered loyal readers already a few times with me on the blog. Thus I have shown you with the project DIY Low budget designer shelve already a few photos. However, now let us with the today’s idea DIY get cracking![/I]

Beton Diamant DIY Idee zum Nachmachen

Required products for concrete diamond:

– Cement
– Quartz sand
– Water
– Bucket
– Spatula
– Old packaging from cardboard or Plastik
– Triangle ruler
– Pen
– Scissors
– Gold colored lacquer
– Tape
– Empty loo roll
– Tinfoil
– Steel chain & pliers


Beton Diamant DIY Idee

Thus the concrete diamond idea DIY is made:

Anleitung Beton Diamant

First we record to us the basic form for our later concrete diamond. On the photo you can see that the basic form reminds of a sort of fields. We cut out the hatched triangles later. It recommends to themselves to record the form first on a piece of paper and then to transfer afterwards on a piece of cardboard. If one likes the size and the form, we cut out our form with scissors.

Beton Diamant DIY Tutorial

If the basic form is cut out for our concrete diamond, we take the surfaces lying on top before and bend this easily. Also the lower part of our form is bent. We form a sort of ice-cream cone by the form. We stick this from the outside then with some adhesive tape, so that a stable diamond forms. One can attach to the safety on the point below still some adhesive tape, so that later no concrete leaks.

Diamant aus Beton in der Herstellung

Thus our cardboard diamond looks if we have made everything right. Now this form is filled with concrete. In which ratio to us like her this anmischt, I have already shown you in the article concrete tree DIY. There you can read up in rest everything. If you have the concrete freshly angemischt, you fill this in the form. With possibly half you catch to you a loo roll and press this in the humid concrete. At the underside of the roll you fasten some Aulufolie, no concrete can penetrate at this point. Thereby we form a hollow cavity within our concrete diamonds.

Beton Diamant in gold Tutorial

As soon as the form to on top is full there, we smooth the surface and fasten on three corners a few small rings of a steel chain. We press this about 3-4 cm in the diamond full with concrete. Now we let our form dry about 26 hours. Then we can release our almost ready piece of art from the cardboard. When required the surface can be ground off yet something. Now one can fasten a few more other steel chain rings with tongs, so that one can also later hang up our diamond.

Beton Diamant Gold Ansprühen

If we have extended the chain, we can varnish the lower piece of the diamond still gold. For this we simply stick on to us the area from and spray with some wallflower the point. If this has dried, we are ready! Now we can use our stylischen concrete diamonds immediately for two things: Equips with a tillandsia, we have a small breath of the hanging gardens of Babylon. Turned we can use our concrete to diamonds, however, also as a cool jewellery filing for all kinds of rings! By the created hollow cavity we can steal the chain simply quite fast. 😉

DIY concrete diamond idea for plants and jewellery

DIY concrete diamond idea


 I find this concrete DIY idea simply amazing! As a plant hanger, as well as as a jewellery filing – I find the concrete diamonds miraculous! How do you like my today’s Do It Yourself project & would you copy it?

Pailletten Oberteil kombiniert mit Jeans

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