Photo Tips Portraits The Light

Photo Tips Portraits The Light

[I]The light is the most important thing in photography. This is the reason why we are dealing with the light in portrait photography at first. Subsequently I will tell you a few light sources and show you how you can use these sources creatively by many examples of pictures. You do not have to dig deep into your wallet, because you know: I love low budget photography tips! You will be surprised how differently you can use the light in portrait photography and how it can even make a person look different. [/I]
[I]The light is such a diverse subject and you can use it in so many different ways that you can make a simple portrait look so much more interesting. The great thing about the light is that it is provided every day anew free for us from the sun. So you do not necessarily have to invest in expensive lighting technology to make special portraits. The available light can also be deformed in such a way that the face of a person is positively emphasized and thus emphasizes certain features.[/I]


Photo Tips Portraits The Light photographs

Photography tips for portrait shots – The light

Better portraits with natural light

[I]The natural light is at the same time the simplest light in photography, as I think. We are already used to it and see directly on the spot how it falls and works. The available light is my personal favorite light, because it is simply the most beautiful and you can see the results even before you press the button. Depending on the time of the year and the day it varies and you always have wonderful light, which is even available for free. But what I think is best about natural light is that it always looks really good! Whether it is just cloudy, the sun is shining on the horizon, or whether we are in the golden hour – which I love above anything else! There is no bad light, only the ignorance to use it properly – as I always say. [/I]

[I]Even hard shadows can be used wonderfully to make a portrait no longer just look like a beautiful portrait but „just“ simple portrait. Shadow effects often make a photo interesting and captivate the viewer! You can really use any light as I will prove you in the following pictures. In the article Photography Tips – The light I have already betrayed the one or the other tip, so you can look directly there, how natural light is handled best.[/I]


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Photo Tips Portraits The Light backlight

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light Photography

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light girl shadow face

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Pimp up your photos with the help of artificial light

[I]In addition to available or natural light, there are also artificial light sources. Of course, they can also be used for portrait photography but you should know that the use of artificial light is much more difficult than the use of natural light. But like everything else in life, you can also learn to master the handling of artificial light and how to use it effectively. The advantage of artificial light is that you are wonderfully independent. Is it really dark outside, even though it is just noon? It doesn’t matter! You can simply take your own light and thus defy the „bad“ weather. Thus you can shoot even in difficult light conditions and create fantastic portraits. Even in rooms that do not have windows or simply provide a small amount of light, you can take a picture with an external light source. With artificial light you can photograph no matter when or where, therefore every photographer – and all those who want to become – should learn to master it.[/I]

[I]The disadvantage of artificial light is that it is often quite expensive. My flash – the Canon 430EX III-RT speedlite flash unit * cost around 250 euro, but it is really worth the money and I do not want to miss it any more. In addition to external flashes, there are also various light sources such as softboxes* or ring light* that are also great artificial light sources in portrait photography. I’ve also invested a lot in artificial light sources and I am always glad to have it. What I especially love is hard flash lights in combination with various colour foils*. Artificial light is also indispensable in video production. Therefore, artificial light is indispensable for all video makers. [/I]

[I]Also here I recommend to dig a little deeper into one’s pocket and to buy one of properly good quality. Believe me, I also have often done the stupid mistake that I thought: „Oh, the cheaper version is also good for me!“ And then a little later I was annoyed by the poor quality. I recommend to go for a really good product at first in this case, instead of buying a cheap version and later on switching to the good variant. Thus, you spend a lot more money instead of buying the right equipment at once.[/I]

Products with * are affiliate links (if you buy something via this link on amazon, I get a small commission. You do not have to pay more and you don’t have any disadvantages. You simply support my blog and my work so that I can continue to provide you free tipps ?

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light harsh flash

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light man

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light flash

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How did you like my photography tips? I’m looking forward your comment. ♥

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