Photography Tips For Christmas Season

Today there is once more fresh photograph tips of me for you. Now, finally, the winter has found also here in Berlin move and I am glad very much about this season. Dancing snowflakes, atmospheric lights and scarf end laughter on the Christmas fairs. Deep sunlight and the most tender colour shades. Oh, what dear I – like every season – the winter! There are currently so many great possibilities wonderful photos to take up and to hold on thus great moments. However, there are of course a few things on one must pay attention. Only if one obeys my today’s 20 tips for Christmassy photos, afterwards one has wow-effects! 😉 Today after my last photograph contribution Low budget photo tip & Fotoshooting they come: Mine – now not more – confidential photograph tips for Christmassy photos! Stage freely!


Use typical motives

The easiest way around nice, Christmassy photos to create is easy to reach to typical motives. Fir-trees, Christmas balls, snow, candle-lighted rallies, glittering dust or Christmas little place are tied together typical motives one automatically with Christmas. These motives already spray to all so much mood that one has already created half alone by them. By the way, one must not remain with objects or food – also typically Christmassy clothes like a red checked scarf or fleecy caps are typical and support a photo tremendously!

Typische Motive für weihnachtliche Fotos nutzen



Sparklers are a clear case of triggers of all “wooows” and “ohhs” on photos. They provide for a warm light colour, bring great glitter in a photo and, moreover, are the very special. One does not use them every single day, but only to special occasions. This also lends to the photo quite automatically certain a little bit! Sparklers not only cool accessories are present for tasty courts like the quiche in the glass (middle below), but also lend to every portrait quite an especially Christmassy, ceremonious look.

Wunderkerzen für weihnachtliche Fotos


Colours & contrasts

Which colours do you connect with Christmas? The colours are mostly called Red, green and gold. It would be fatal to disregard this aspect of the colours for Christmassy photos. Already in the photo tip “The power of the colours” I have indicated you which power is behind the colours in the photograph. If one already typically Christmassy colours uses supported one the mood on a photo already terrifically. It is recommendable for Christmassy photos for this festivity typical colours nu are of use. Also it helps to put to the general view terrifically on cold-warm contrasts. The red berries (3. from the right below) look incredibly mystic and powerful, because they are surrounded by chill light & background.

Farben für weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps



If one liked to take up nice Christmassy photos, one does not come all around also sometimes the tripod nu use. Just if one must expose longer, a tripod gold is worth! Below one does the typical light stars, how in the picture (middle) only with a tripod thus. Also a tripod is worthwhile if one liked to take up atmospheric portraits. For various light tracks a tripod is not to be imagined as not existing anyway. Also for pretty night admissions one should fall back on it if one liked to prevent blurry photos. valuable tips for the exposure time you find in the marked article. Just if little light exists and one raises only unwith pleasure the ISO, a tripod is worthwhile extremely!

Stativ verwenden für weihnachtliche Fotos


Chain of Lights

What would be the yule tide without candle-lighted rally? Just! Therefore, it is to be inserted very recommendable cleverly various candle-lighted rallies in his photos. Thus one achieves because completely, besides, quite directly a Christmassy mood. One can photograph of the candle-lighted rallies either simply in such a way as it illuminates, for example, a cloche (on the bottom left) or creatively be with her! The use of candle-lighted rallies is also suited for Christmassy portraits very much. Thus only the portrait by the candle-lighted rally in front and the great Bokeh receives on the bottom right in the background already a fantastic Christmas mood. Also it looks very nice if one photographes of the candle-lighted rally simply blurred, because the Bokeh is irresistible – above all by use of a far open screen. tips to the screen you find in the photo article “tips to the screen”.

Lichterkette für weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps


The strength of the blue hour

The blue hour is also suited perfectly for Christmassy photos. The light is not away yet completely and thus one can take up the very harmonious photos which represent quite a special mood. Of course this quite special mood is suited ideally for nice, Christmassy photos as one can see directly on the photos below. Thus the blue hour on the portrait of Christina Raphaella Dirr is in the full way. The sky is blue and the night already introduces very soon. A great contrast originates in the teamwork with the street lights only from the irresistibly nice skies colour! Below also the middle picture was made the blue hour with a long time exposure. Thereby one receives beside the pretty star lights this great structure of the water. Below the portrait was taken up on the right also by the blue hour. Thus it receives quite a special, festive mood. Beside the sparklers the magic light also provides for a really atmospheric portrait.

Blaue Stunde für weihnachtliche Fotos


Glasses as a Bokeh

Bokeh. Bo keh. Oh how I love this word and their meaning! Already in various of my photo stories you could see, that to take a photo of it dear offenblendig I. A far open screen is also suited for Christmassy photos perfectly! Thus comes because not only more light on the sensor, but one also creates this great, blurred background like you can see him on the photos below. To the yule tide everything is mostly decorated always nicely. Thus glasses are often used for a purpose not intended to bring pretty tea lights in it to the lights. Or it is also slurped simply directly from them various lusciousness like the Christmassy cocktail. I say: Checkpoint! Since glasses are suited perfectly for a great Bokeh! One must take photos only possibly with a small f-number and receives a great, festive look on his photos. tip: In the photograph of articles Low budget photo of tip you still get a lot of brilliant minced meat around the ears struck which one can use ideally for Christmassy photos! Moreover, I betray to you my fire topical photograph minced meat, also low budget gets on!

Gläser als Bokeh weihnachtliche Fotos


Spectral filter with warm tones

For nice, Christmassy photos it is advisable to take itself rather to warm tones. Just Christmas is a party of the love and which colour has the love? Properly, Red! Our brain automatically connects with a warmer colour warmth, harmony and well-being. I would say that the reasons enough are to be missed around his photos a nice, atmospheric atmosphere under use to warm colours! The good: On my blog you get directly for free spectral filter as a download!

Farbfilter für weihnachtliche Fotos


Choose the perfect location

Beside the typically Christmassy motives, to very warm colours, candle-lighted rallies and more it is to be selected very helpfully quite directly Christmassy Locations. Thus the photo on the bottom right only looks so nicely atmospheric and delightfully Christmassy because it just became on a Christmas fair in Freiburg geshootet. If I had carried the same look in another Location, the photos would on no account look so Christmassy! Locations with candle-lighted rallies – fortunately, on every street corner to the yule tide – always function! Also snowy woods or iced up lakes are ideal for Christmassy photos. Of course Christmas fairs are also to be caught simply perfectly around atmospheric moments.

Passende Location wählen für weihnachtliche Fotos



A photo looks above all nicely Christmassy if one equips it also with suitable decoration. One could continue glittering dust, red berries, fir brushwood, snug materials – the list forever so. The decoration is – beside the other aspects I introduce you here – an extremely important part of festive photos which one should let out of sight by no means. A table with a cup of coffee, for example, becomes Christmassy in no time if one arranges a snug scarf, a few glittering stars and a fir branch together as a Flatlay. Often it does not require at all a lot of decoration for Christmassy photos. A few very typical articles are mostly already enough like quite called around in his photos Christmas to do magic!

Dekoration für weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps


Exposure time

Especially now in winter if the light is not the brightest one and the day already at noon again becomes the night, one must know how to help himself. The exposure time helps if one liked to take up nice Christmassy photos completely without picture rushing. Moreover, she can help one to bring light in the dark. Thus you can take up, for example, in the evening a bright photo of a covered table without building up a gigantic light set Up. You expose the photo simply longer what entails that your photo becomes brighter. Attention to bend forward blurred photos on account of a Verwacklung, you absolutely need a tripod!

Belichtungszeit für weihnachtliche Fotos


Test it!

If one liked to make nice Christmassy admissions of the whole family, it is worthwhile a test run to make. One should test anyway already before whether the elective Locations is also suited really perfectly around atmospheric photos to take up. One can apply this tip, moreover, to all areas of the photograph. If one has already tested whether Location a looks great & also as works as desired, one can concentrate later while taking a photo upon other things, the light in the photograph, for example. While to the test shots one can check already completely in rest which shutter speed, screen, ISO etc. is suited best of all. Also one can move, perhaps, piece of furniture, decoration and accessories something. extra tip: So that later no stress breaks out, one takes down the perfect settings simply directly on a sheet of paper.

Testlauf weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps



The ALPHA AND OMEGA for great photos is and remains the creativity. One is able to do the exposure time, the f-number etc. still “so perfectly” put if the photo shows a motive in such a way as one has seen it already hundreds of times, there remains only one photo of many. If one bets, however, the family, presents or products so in the scene that they release a certain “surprise moment”, one has made everything right! Even more importantly: One has created a really valuable photo that one looks with pleasure longer because it is just not only one of many. Also it is worthwhile certain photograph rules simply sometimes consciously to fade out. Nothing damages to a photo because more, than to have originated under compulsion. Also it is to be made a great idea simply sometimes via Freelensing a few admissions. my photo article 12 tips for better photos helps you absolutely fast!

Kreativität weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps

Kreativität für weihnachtliche Fotos

How I have caught the Bokeh so nicely as small darlings, I explain to you in my photograph tips article Low budget photo tips!



As well as with all nice photos, the mood is also extremely important with Christmassy admissions. Till present I have spoken already more often of atmospheric photos. Stimmungs completely. Completely with mood. Above all Christmassy photos live on her mood, because we connect this party just with quite a special mood. On the Christmas Eve one often talks from the present year. If the next plans in laughter and with joy. A little melancholy lies mixed with nostalgia in the air and at the same time prejoy and vigour floats in the space. Contrasts they cannot be crasser. Snapshots at one millisecond were taken up which as catch ruling mood as she is and the moment of the reality for good catch – this is the art of atmospheric Christmas photos. The art which everybody can control! With Christmassy photos less treatment is more, also it is advisable as much as possible to renounce art light to catch thus the mood like she is and not changed. Thus, for example, no family sits under the Christmas tree with disco to similar flashlight, why should one take photos then with flash?

Stimmung weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps



Because it can be to the yule tide, nevertheless, sometimes a little more stressful, it recommends to take a photo of itself most urgently in the Raw format! Quick it can happen that one blurs the wrong white comparison or with a lot to last or takes photos at short exposure time. In the Raw format one can still save a lot of a photo and has 1001 possibilities – in the Jpeg, however, the gates of the possibilities quickly shut. Hence, I always recommend – not only to take photos for Christmassy admissions – always in the Raw format! Only so the pictures which are useless, perhaps, at first sight can be still saved.

Raw Format für bessere Fotos


Use of flashlight

Clear, one can always use the flash when one controls him then! However, this is an art for itself and overnight one cannot learn that simply. For atmospheric, Christmassy admissions it is advisable to renounce the flash and to expose rather longer. Finally, it is just this harmonious light which lends this special atmosphere to Christmassy photos. If, besides, one has just no tripod, I recommend to use rather a higher ISO to value instead of using the flashlight. Dear has one because easily rauschige photos with a magnificent mood, instead of dead-flashed pictures which have though no picture rushing, however, thereby, unfortunately, also no mood. On the bottom left I have lightened the photo, for example, with a flash, have exposed the photo on the right, however, longer. I think it which photo stands except question more atmospheric works! Who is to itself really certainly with the contact of a flash, may and should use him of course! Also I love to use special for portrait admissions flashlight how I have already shown you in the contribution photo tips for portraits. tip: Use, nevertheless, sometimes a piece of yellow garbage bag directly on your flash! You will see that the light looks immediately much warmer and therefore harmonious!

Verwendung von Blitz für Weihnachtsfotos



Particularly for Christmassy photos it is also worthwhile sometimes not on the real motive to put sharply. It can look very pretty if one simply catches the great Bokeh of a motive and provides thus for quite a special mood. Also it is to be taken up a very cool idea simply the same photo with two different Fokussierungen. Thus I have taken up with the photo below the skyline of London once sharply put on the high rises & have taken up the second spot only as a Bokeh photo. Just side by side ensteht thus a really cool picture which one can hang himself perfectly, as I think!

Unscharfes Motiv für weihnachtliche Fotos



Beside candle-lighted rallies and sparklers are natural also to generate candles fantastic style means around nice, Christmassy photos! They generate not only a great colour temperature, but also have a great Richtfall. This flattered not only every body and every form, but also brings the certain mood of the cosiness in a picture. Above all we connect them quite directly subconsciously with relaxation, rest and festivities. To use enough reasons around them for Christmassy admissions! 

Kerzen für weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps Tricks



To all quite called aspects for Christmassy admissions emotions still play a very big role! A photo can be still built up so well exposed, and be worked on if the emotions of the models are not right, it was with the great photo! A hearty laughter simply goes always, because by the upwards pulled corners of mouth joy and a positive feeling originates with the viewer directly. This contributes to the fact that one likes the photo rather. And above all: Nevertheless, there is always really a reason for the laughter! 😉

Emotionale weihnachtliche Fotos Tipps


Use the live view mode

Try, nevertheless, to take a photo of mode next time in the live View. You will see that you take photos suddenly quite differently. More intensely, other perspectives and corners discovers and do not form a photo simply “knippst”, but! It has to take a photo so of many advantages in this way that it would really be a pity if you do not try it. Just for atmospheric, Christmassy admissions the picture creation is extremely important! Now, after my verlinkten contribution a lot of people have written to me that they find the photograph tip simply fantastic and are very thankfully about my blog and those. Thus they have become better a lot and now take photos quite differently. Many are now persuaded “in the live View mode Fotografierer” – vl. you count also soon to it? 🙂

Fotografieren im Live View Modus Tipps


Of which photograph tip has liked you best of all? 🙂

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