Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them

Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them

[I]We all know them and done them possibly often enough. The speech is from fatal beginner mistakes in photography. The fact that one makes these mistakes, is very important, because only so one learns. In the today’s photography tips article I would like to introduce to you 25 beginner mistakes & show also immediately how to avoid them. [/I]
[I]Clearly, nobody chews to themselves a camera and controls this immediately perfectly. Nevertheless, I often find out that people buy to themselves the most expensive cameras & even though still make various of mistakes which must not be. There are a lot of photo tips for better photos and in every area of the photography there are other stumbling blocks. I have held the today’s photo tips are quite general, so that they apply to every area of the photography – completely no matter whether in the portrait, animal- or, for example, sport photography. [/I]
[I]To tell the truth, I have also packed this article not in glittering wrapping paper, but I call the mistakes with the name. It makes because nothing weaken disastrous beginner’s mistakes in the photography. The today’s mistakes are really nasty, avoidable &, nevertheless, no end of the world![/I] 



The top 25 worst beginner’s mistakes in the photography

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Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them light

1. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – light is not important to you

[I] The light is the most important element in the photography. Where no light is, no photo can also originate. What a lot of photography beginners underestimate, is the effect of the light. With it one can not only form a photo. By the light in the photography everything simply changes! An ugly Location seems nice, the contours in the face are emphatically wonderfully, colours shine & the photos receive this fantastic warmth. Deal intensely with the light! Namely as a first, because it is an the most important element in the photography – as you know now! Here you find photo tips to the light.[/I]

2. Too much equipment

[I] If you plan a Shooting with too many different lenses and all kinds of other articles, it can happen fast that you waste yourself. Your creativity can considerably suffer from it because you are demanded too much absolutely with it a suitable product to select. Work best of all with so much a little as possible & so much as urgently! For the next photoshooting you take only one lens & reduce your photo equipment as for the rest very much. You will see: Your photos become substantially better, because you can concentrate more upon the picture creation, the light etc. An lens like this* fits to every photography area & lasts always for fantastic photos!  [/I]

3. False use of flashlight

[I]Who has not seen them already or has gone through even this scenario himself: One would like to take atmospheric photos of the family & the great lights in Christmas & destroys the nice mood by hard flashlight. With pleasure the flash is also used in New Year’s Eve by photograph to beginners. Fatally! I advise you in future first to renounce the flash & to work only with natural light. So such a flashlight looks because really good & harmonious, it requires something in experience. Get to know in this article how your photos in Christmas become brilliant! [/I]

4. You take photos without Thinking

[I]Taking photos without largely to think is one of the worst beginner’s mistakes ever! Simply insignificant photograph around brings forward absolutely no good photos. Photography is art, therefore, you must be present during taking a photo also properly & switch on your brains, heart & eyes or keep open! Take care or leave it dearer. How? I tell this you in the next point.[/I] 

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them light picture creation

5. Picture creation? Dead loss!

[I]Have you already heard somewhat of the golden cut? With this element of the picture creation you can provide for the fact that the people look at your photos longer. They are properly drawn by a harmonious picture division. The picture creation is extremely important in the photography. Deal intensely with lines to get out to the colours in the photograph, the light, the third rule & more simply more to create better photos! [/I]

6. You make too many releases

[I]In the age of the Digitally photography the quality often suffers. The people take one photo after the other. These photos often not even differ! This is very unnecessary like I find. By the fact that we must not pay any more for any single photo – like at analogous times – we sometimes take photos like the day had 34243 hours. This must not be! If a certain limit placed to you with the next photoshooting in releases. Thus you are to be respected constrainedly more to the picture creation & provide automatically for the fact that every picture is perfect. You will see: At the end you have qualitatively better & above all diverse photos! My photography has considerably improved by this photo tip! [/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them time

7. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – you find not enough time 

[I] A good photo lasts with me meanwhile less than 10 minutes. However just early – when I have freshly started with the photography – I have sometimes used 2 hours to prepare my set first properly. Even as beginner of the photography should take one enough time. If the time is scarce, one becomes worried internally, pressure originates & the picture result suffers from it! [/I]


8. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – automatic mode

[I]At the beginning one can & should make of course first a few admissions in the automatic mode. However, it is advisable very much, after about two weeks the automatic mode – even if to leave only for a few times. Only so one understands what the exposure time, make to the ISO and the screen generally & on each other knead! Every photography beginner dreams sometimes of this great, blurred background & the fantastic Bokeh – all that claps only perfectly in the manual mode.  [/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them jpeg raw

9. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – you take photos in the JPEG

[I]In the beginning I have also made this mistake & have very often been angry afterwards! If you take photos only in the JPEG and not in the format RAW, you miss a lot of picture treatment possibilities. Also your photos do not have such a good quality like they actually could have![/I]

10. You do not safe your photos properly

[I]Absolutely you have also not safed a few photos by mistake sometimes properly. Such a story with vacation photos or held on events which were unique is especially irritating. Safe your photos always (!) at least two times on in each case different hard discs from and burns them ideally still on CD. Nothing is more irritating than lost photos! [/I]

11. You move off without formatted memory map

[I]In the beginning, unfortunately, has already more often happened to me following: I went to a photoshooting with a memory map I had not formatted. Therefore, I could make only one certain number of photos, what – see above – even though also contributes to the fact that one becomes better. However, there are situations as for example a wedding in those one, nevertheless, already a lot of photos makes and an unformatted memory map only ruins the session! Especially annoyingly, it becomes if one headlines this map – without having protected before the photos – before nothing but stress and pressure! So that such a scenario does not happen to you, you wrap up best of all always an empty memory map with whose former photos you have already protected several times – see photo tip on top-! [/I]

12. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – you uses no tripod

[I]There are not necessarily things in one as a photography beginner thinks. A tripod, for example. Only the camera often already costs so much that one would like to buy first no tripod to themself. However, this is stupid! Only with a tripod you can make super sharp photos with little light & blurry pictures prevent. Just in New Year’s Eve & Christmas, as well as with night admissions or self-portraits a tripod is indispensable!  [/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them equipment

13. Equipment stands before the real photography

[I]In the beginning, unfortunately, a lot of photography beginners think that the photo equipment – is the most important thing generally. The more expensive the camera & the lenses are, the better the photos will be. This is absolute wrong! Much more importantly is a good composition, the light, the colours and so on. As a beginner first of all an good eye & feeling for nice photos is necessary, so that one should not allow to deflect himself of the quality of the equipment. The photos on top were taken, for example, with a mobile phone. Would not have you thought or? [/I]

14. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – To scared to make something wrong

[I] Fear has to search in the photography nothing! Dare quietly also sometimes a little bit wrong to make or to break consciously photographic rules – also mine-. While taking a photo you should freely feel like a bird, your photos and their look can freely develop! Don’t be too afraid of making something wrong. Mistakes are good to getting better, believe me![/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them helping articles

15. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – No helping articles

[I]It is a very grey day and you are surprised why your model’s eyes are haven’t this eye reflex? According to light situation, location it requires more! I have introduced to you already more often various photography aid which help you to create better photso on a budget. Call in absolutely in the article „Low budget photo tips“ and „photo DIY hacks“! 😉 [/I]

16. You try out not enough & are unspontaneous

[I]It is 18 o’clock and your model – whom you have arranged to meet at 17 o’clock – is not there yet. Instead of using the time spontaneously & taking simply nice pictures of this marvellous evening light, you wait rather bored at the bank for the model. Make never again this! Carpe Diem and all possibilities which arise to you spontaneously! Also do not commit yourselves also immediately to only one area in the photography. Try you out in the portrait photography, in long time exposures, in the natural photography and animal photography & try out something new over and over again! Qualified tips from a situation or photography area can be transferred to others. [/I]


17. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them You do not edit your photos

[I]With Photoshop you take not necessarily your photos better, but you get out her whole potential, so reworks your photos! How much you to edit is your choice. However, I recommend you from experience: less is more![/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them location

18. You don’t open your eyes not far enough

[I]Admittedly: Some come into the world with this gift and a certain photographic eye, the others must learn it. No matter where you live – also in your near there are the most brilliant locations! You must open only your eyes far enough and imagine how your camera & lens „xyz“ will „see“ a certain location . Do not think that the best photos are taken in the most beautiful places, this practically is never the case! Free yourselves of certain images & norms and also look sometimes somewhere where the others people only run past.[/I]

19. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – you have no role models

[I]Role models are extremely important, so have ones! They fire you with her own work, inspire you & motivate you to become better and better. My role model is the one & only Peter Lindbergh! [/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them clothes

20. To you it is very important how you look during taking photos & what the people think round you

[I] I am quite honest: If I act photographically, I look really rottenly dressed. Often I carry jogging trousers, an extremist wide shirt and unmade hair. Why? While taking photos it is important that one feels fine himself,  no trousers cuts into your body or top  & one can freely move. Should I take a photo of you sometimes you count please not on Christina Key „of the top-stylish bloger“, but rather with Christina Key „the photographer that knows what she wants!“ Earlier it was already very important to me that I also looked very good during a photoshooting – Today with more self-confidence & knowledge I know that the appearance is not everything. The picture results must be cool at the end, this is everything what counts![/I]

21. You put the technology before the creativity

[I]One of the worst mistakes one can make as a photography beginner generally, it is to be put the technology before the creativity. A photo must not be exposed perfectly that it looks fantastic. Clear to take a photo of light tracks, in order, for example one must already follow a few settings. However, these are not everything! Notice to you for the future that the technical aspects stand behind the creativity. First comes KEY (creativity) then comes TEY (Technical settings Yay!).[/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them education

22. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – you do not educate further yourself

[I]Continuing education is essential in all situations & an extremely important success factor! Only who educates further himself regularly, becomes also better in the photography. Instead of a new iPhone or a new garment you invest the next time please in a really good photo book (My first book will come this year in German, yay! ♥), a photo magazine or a photograph course! You can look of course also Youtube videos, importantly is easy that you educate further yourself regularly. [/I] 

23. You do not load your Batteries on time

[I]Load your camera’s batteries at best one day before you need them. Yes, plural because one Battery is not sufficient! Quick it can happen sometimes that a battery functions not properly or breaks with a photoshooting, therefore, you wrap up please always two batteries. Also it recommends to itself to buy no No name batteries because these are really quickly empty & often have a lot of lower life span like her brands Sisters & Brothers – really! Here you may not save! [/I]

24. You use no camera pocket

[I]A camera pocket is very important! I get Catching respiration if I see that people pack theirs into an easy handbag or a backpack – thus completely without protection from water and more! Only if you own a well-arranged camera pocket like this one*, you are properly equipped photographically. Save money by choosing another hairdresser or just photo aid – which you can make to yourself anyway yourself, see here – Saving, however, not in a camera case which protects your camera! [/I]

Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them education

25. Photography tips – beginner mistakes & how to avoid them – No cleansing set

[I]So importantly as a camera case is also a reasonable camera cleansing set! A bubble brat says you purely nothing at all? Then apparently hurries the bang not heard, here along*! [/I]


Photography tips - beginner mistakes & how to avoid them

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Photo Tips – The Light In Portrait Photography

Photo Tips Portraits The Light




Photo Tips Portraits The Light

Photo Tips Portraits The Light

[I]The light is the most important thing in photography. This is the reason why we are dealing with the light in portrait photography at first. Subsequently I will tell you a few light sources and show you how you can use these sources creatively by many examples of pictures. You do not have to dig deep into your wallet, because you know: I love low budget photography tips! You will be surprised how differently you can use the light in portrait photography and how it can even make a person look different. [/I]
[I]The light is such a diverse subject and you can use it in so many different ways that you can make a simple portrait look so much more interesting. The great thing about the light is that it is provided every day anew free for us from the sun. So you do not necessarily have to invest in expensive lighting technology to make special portraits. The available light can also be deformed in such a way that the face of a person is positively emphasized and thus emphasizes certain features.[/I]


Photo Tips Portraits The Light photographs

Photography tips for portrait shots – The light

Better portraits with natural light

[I]The natural light is at the same time the simplest light in photography, as I think. We are already used to it and see directly on the spot how it falls and works. The available light is my personal favorite light, because it is simply the most beautiful and you can see the results even before you press the button. Depending on the time of the year and the day it varies and you always have wonderful light, which is even available for free. But what I think is best about natural light is that it always looks really good! Whether it is just cloudy, the sun is shining on the horizon, or whether we are in the golden hour – which I love above anything else! There is no bad light, only the ignorance to use it properly – as I always say. [/I]

[I]Even hard shadows can be used wonderfully to make a portrait no longer just look like a beautiful portrait but „just“ simple portrait. Shadow effects often make a photo interesting and captivate the viewer! You can really use any light as I will prove you in the following pictures. In the article Photography Tips – The light I have already betrayed the one or the other tip, so you can look directly there, how natural light is handled best.[/I]


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Photo Tips Portraits The Light backlight

[/column] [column md=“4″ ]

Photo Tips Portraits The Light Photography

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light girl shadow face

[/column] [/row]


Pimp up your photos with the help of artificial light

[I]In addition to available or natural light, there are also artificial light sources. Of course, they can also be used for portrait photography but you should know that the use of artificial light is much more difficult than the use of natural light. But like everything else in life, you can also learn to master the handling of artificial light and how to use it effectively. The advantage of artificial light is that you are wonderfully independent. Is it really dark outside, even though it is just noon? It doesn’t matter! You can simply take your own light and thus defy the „bad“ weather. Thus you can shoot even in difficult light conditions and create fantastic portraits. Even in rooms that do not have windows or simply provide a small amount of light, you can take a picture with an external light source. With artificial light you can photograph no matter when or where, therefore every photographer – and all those who want to become – should learn to master it.[/I]

[I]The disadvantage of artificial light is that it is often quite expensive. My flash – the Canon 430EX III-RT speedlite flash unit * cost around 250 euro, but it is really worth the money and I do not want to miss it any more. In addition to external flashes, there are also various light sources such as softboxes* or ring light* that are also great artificial light sources in portrait photography. I’ve also invested a lot in artificial light sources and I am always glad to have it. What I especially love is hard flash lights in combination with various colour foils*. Artificial light is also indispensable in video production. Therefore, artificial light is indispensable for all video makers. [/I]

[I]Also here I recommend to dig a little deeper into one’s pocket and to buy one of properly good quality. Believe me, I also have often done the stupid mistake that I thought: „Oh, the cheaper version is also good for me!“ And then a little later I was annoyed by the poor quality. I recommend to go for a really good product at first in this case, instead of buying a cheap version and later on switching to the good variant. Thus, you spend a lot more money instead of buying the right equipment at once.[/I]

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Photo Tips Portraits The Light harsh flash

[/column] [column md=“4″ ]

Photo Tips Portraits The Light man

[/column] [column md=“4″ ]

Photo Tips Portraits The Light flash

[/column] [/row]

How did you like my photography tips? I’m looking forward your comment. ♥

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