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I wish you a great (inspiration) Tuesday my dears! 🙂 As I already told you on Snapchat and  Instagram today is the day! This blog will get the next step! There is a new plan from now on, means that you will get – I hope so –  a nice variety and a lot of inspiration!   

But not enought! From now on there is the 
Music Monday which is the day for new hits or to tell you about my beloved old music favourites. I think the 80ies and 90ies will call you sometimes! :") Who knows me a little bit more should remember that I'm always hearing music, I mean really always! Because of that this day was so important for myself.:)

For sure I want to share with you my inspirations furthermore. That's why the Inspirations Tuesday is perfect! On that day I will share fresh make up looks or hairstyles with you guys. And everything else the fashon world has to offer! 

Lady Gaga sings "Walk, walk, Fashion Baby"
and I do it too! To be sure you will get new fashion looks from me. From now on you will get a brand new outfit from me. Yeah, that's what I call Fashion Friday!

But what's a week without good food? That's what I'm saying! From now on you will get a new Schlemmer recipe every sunday from Nico Treeman himself! I say: The day after Saturday is from now on your personal Schlemmer Sunday! ("Schlemmer" means in German that something tastes really, really good!) 

Well, I couldn't resist and had to draw and paint a little bit again. :") I have to say that I like it more and more! I just can't get enough from shading and painting. In the past I've drawn more often, especially portraits. They weren't bad at all but then my passion for photography grew and grew. Now I try to do both things, aww I love creative stuff so much! 🙂 Means for you guys that you will get more drawings and paintings in the next time. :") I'm also very happy to tell you that my beloved Photo Stories will grow this year! I can't wait to photograph all these beautiful souls again! If somebody from you want to be a part of one photo stories, please write me a comprehensive application! 🙂 ♥



Well now I wish you a great Tuesday and have a good time in the sun! XX, CHRISTINA KEY


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