FASHION FRIDAY // From the shy girl to the strong woman // Glitter dress meets blue blazer – Chic outfit to go out


Christina Key lächelt und schaut selbstbewusst in die Kamera

A perky isn’t automatically am arrogant one  


I’ve already told you in THAT article that I was a very shy girl in my young teenager years. I wasn’t strong. Photography helped me omost other things to develop myself. But also the music helped me a lot. Some of you will probably laughing now but the sons of Lady Gaga were so true for me, I felt so, so understood. We humans are not the same and that’s great. Everybody is beautiful and special in oneselfs way. Something which is very unattractive for a person, loves another one. While my years of freelance photography I’ve learned a lot about dealing with people. I’ve learned that the prejudices about other individuals won’t confirm very often. Sometimes I’ve thought that model x is a little bit to shy to do a great modelling and that the photoshoot won’t be great. But I’ve got recompensed not rarely to photograph this person. Sometimes the ice needs to melt to get a great atmosphere and so that the model can shows their best side. If the mood is good between the model and the photographer you can capture the best moments. The models who haven’t worked with me already think that I have a high voice and that I must be very arrogant. These prejudices has settled very fast when they meet me for real. If you meet me really you notice that my voice is rather deep than high and that I’m everything but arrogant. The people tell me very often that they have never thought that I’m such a crazy girl.

In my early teenage years I was the shy wallflower like you already know. I had no opinion and I was very reserved. Back then I was bullied because of that. After the years I’ve grown up to this strong and confident woman that I’m today. And you know what? The people gossip viciously about me again! It’s indifferent like you are, if you are the shy girl or the strong woman, the people will always talk bullshit about you. People will judge you as long as you live. It’s so easy to call a woman arrogant, who is confident, strong and follows her dreams. It’s pretty easy to call somebody arrogant who is in the publics eye and stands for their opinion. It’s very easy to call somebody snooty who have got things straighted out with oneself and loves their curves. It’s also pretty easy to call a woman, who likes to wear what she wants arrogant and attention-graving.


But to the people know how damn difficult it is to become so self-confident?

We all have cellulite which is pretty normal but the society tells us that it’s ugly and we should do something again it. At best you lool like a kid when you are a woman because that’s pretty „en vogue“ and I mean come on, who wants to see feminine curves? Wide hips, boobs and a booty is so out of fashion. The big fashion chains make fashion for slender, toll humans, but what if you don’t fit? Though! You should probably eat more cotton balls with orange juice on it. The ones who have a feminine figure are not rarely called plus size. Like Queen B already sang: „Pretty hurts“ – but wait, I don’t want to be a part of that. I rather want to be called arrogant than adapt any kind of beauty prototype. I prefer to go my own way that to walk with the mass or to even vanish as the shy girl again. I want to take my own path because I’ve already worked to hard to surrender now. My self-confidence will not get less with some stupid insults of haters and envier. I mean they can call me whatever they want but the thing is they will not get prettier or better after. 🙂



Today it’s my Birthday! ♥ 

Because today it’s my birthday I will eat as much cake I can. :“) I will welcome my new wrinkles with a glass of red wine and my new pockets of orange-peel skin will get a special piece of cake! Perhaps I go out for shopping to find a new pair of pants, I mean my big booty needs a very special one. Huh, the plates full of pasta and the great weight training done this great piece of art. Isn’t life wonderful? Chapeau! ♥










Habt ihr es auch schon mal erlebt, dass man euch als arrogant beschimpft hat, obwohl ihr einfach nur selbstbewusst seid? 🙂
Und wie gefällt euch das heutige Outfit? Kommt gut ins Wochenende ihr lieben! ♥ 

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