Red Roses // Why you should be offline for a few days

I have done it. I've fasted. No, not food, I fasted Social Media. Sometimes it's just pretty hard to be "up to date" everywhere. The feeling that you shouldn't miss anything is getting on my nerves sometimes. I wish I could jump back in my timelime betimes. Back to my childhood. The time, where you have met your "true" friends on real places. You know what I mean? I have to ask myself how the childhood of today's kids looks. Do they play in mud like I did? Do they build small "houses" with branches and leafes, like I did? Do they also play cops and robbers in a field of maize? Or do they just hanging arround and play with their "great" technology? Do they even know board games with real cubes and playing pieces? Sometimes I'm really shocked which mobile phones they've got in their sweet age. If they have the latest smartphone in the age of 10 I ask myself, what do their parents think? Do their kids really need this technology? Is it not enough to give them a simple mobile phone for emergeny situations? Well, I think this is just the change of time. Anyway I'm really happy about my childhood. We had the first PC in my age of 14. A family PC of course! My first mobile phone could just write Sms and call of course – this was enough for me! It's like today. Since my last mobile phone has fallen in the water, I just can write Sms and call. If I want to post a photograph on Instagram I take the mobile phone of my boyfriend. 🙂 

I think you should be offline for a few hours again. It's extremely statisfying! When I detox all  that social media I was really relaxed and just happy. It's pretty cool to do things with a big focus (yes without TV) What I was doing? Well, I've made this yummy cookies, cooked marme-
lade, listened to great music (on CD!), took photos and I was outside without my mobile phone. By the way; I've read a real food book to create my cookies! Crazy, hm? :´) If you just detox all the stressfull technogoly you will recognize how long a day could be. It's true, all these smartphones, tablets, Tvs and so on steal so many time! Put your hand on your heart and  answer this question honestly: Don't you want a few days of social media detox? 🙂 

Now let's talk about my today's fashion look. I'm wearing a wonderful, trashy coat with pretty roses on it. The roses are of velvet! (Have I say more? I mean I love velvet!) I'm also wearing a black dress with golden buttons on the chest. To get a touch of Boho, I'm wearing these  cool brown boots and a necklace with a wood pendant and my all time favourite hat of course! I think that this look is screaming after freedom, don't you think so?

 Hey, how do you like my today's
 ook? Let me know dear folks. 🙂 


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